Nestled in the growing town of Brentwood, California is a fresh and delicious new restaurant, Attraversiamo. They deliver a farm to table menu with local ingredients and vibrant choices for the self-declared foodie that is looking to taste something special and different. The owners, Alyssa and Anthony Roost are dear friends of mine and I am very excited for their new adventure in the restaurant business. As many of you may know, they are also owners of the most popular wine bar in town, Vine + Grain.

When asked why they wanted to get into the restaurant business Alyssa replied, “We opened Attraversiamo because we felt that if we were jumping in the car to travel to get great food, others must be doing the same! We’re surrounded by such incredible produce that we thought why not take a farm to table approach to the way we eat right here in Brentwood.” A few items on the menu that are locally sourced include Local Farmer’s Pickle Plate with a variety of fruits and vegetables from local farms, some spicy and some sweet as well as Home-Made Fettuccine made with Brentwood sweet corn butter, jalapeno, tarragon and roasted chili oil.

I visited Attraversiamo during their soft opening on Sunday, July 9th for a double date night with my fiancé and our friends Sam and Joey. We scheduled reservations for 7:30 pm and decided to get there a little early to enjoy some time at the bar. The bar was filled with fresh produce and was so fun watching all the bartenders put so much work and pride into every drink they made. They have a seasonal specialty cocktail menu that includes 6 different drinks. The most popular, Al Fresco, with absolute lime, Thai basil, lime, watermelon and topped off with prosecco. This is a light, fresh drink that is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. If you are looking for something a little stronger and more tropical they have the Shipwreck, made with el dorado rum, plantation pineapple rum, passionfruit, vanilla and lemon. Another popular specialty cocktail is the Fizz Face, made with fords gin, banana liqueur, lime, coconut, soda water and egg whites. Attraversiamo also has a classics cocktail list that includes an additional 6 craft cocktails. The Attraversiamo Mule was flying off the shelves when we were there and has Stolichnaya vodka, lime, hibiscus and fever tree ginger beer. Other classics include the Margarita Fuego, Sazerac, Paloma, At G&T and Brentwood Point. My fiancé ended up trying both the Attraversiamo Mule and the Sazerac. Sam and Joey tried out the Al Fresco as well as the Margarita Fuego and they were all very happy with their selections.

Once we were ready for dinner we were sat by the hostess, Sandra who greeted us with a smile. Our server was Brittnee and she came to offer drinks and suggestions for appetizers as soon as we sat down. We all appreciated the prompt service since we were all getting very hungry by this point. We decided on ordering different items from the menu so we could all share and try a variety of options. For appetizers we decided on the Roasted Cauliflower-Cheese Melt and Charred Avocado Toast, Yup Avocado Toast! The Roasted Cauliflower-Cheese Melt was the tables’ favorite and was absolutely phenomenal. We even considered ordering another serving since we all enjoyed it so much. It is served with grilled bread that you spread caramelized garlic on top of before adding the cauliflower-cheese melt. This is a menu item I will order every time I go back and highly suggest trying during your visit!

Attra 3

Attra 4

For dinner, Clint and I chose to share the Grilled Skirt Steak with a side of Garlicky Broccolini as well as a side of Sunday Roast Potatoes. Sam and Joey originally ordered the Fried Chicken Thighs but found out the kitchen had run out of chicken. We heard the chicken was a crowd favorite and cannot wait to try it the next time we are in. They then chose to try out the Attraversiamo Burger. While we sat and chatted we couldn’t help but notice the details and differences on all of the plates and serving dishes at Attraversiamo. It turns out Alyssa and Anthony hired Heritage High Schools Ceramics Class to make all of the unique dishes to bring a sense of community into their restaurant. I thought this was a great idea and shows that local businesses support the growing youth in the community. Their hard work turned out perfect and the plates were an eye-catcher.

Attra 1

Our food was delivered to the table and we all couldn’t wait to try our main dishes. They all looked so appetizing and the presentation was beautiful. I had ordered our steak Medium and when it arrived it was a little under-cooked but still very tasty. We mentioned it to our server and she was very receptive and wanted to make it right. We ended up keeping it and shared every last bite with the table. The steak came with the most delicious roasted green onion salsa verde, I am such a sucker for good sauces. Both the broccolini and potatoes were cooked perfectly and came in good size portions. I ate the entire thing! Sam and Joey’s burger was juicy and tender and came with a side of special dipping sauce for the burger and fries.

Attra 5

Attra 6

We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and the atmosphere at Attraversiamo. I can’t wait to go back! I am so very excited for the Roost family and wish them nothing but endless success and happiness. I know their business will thrive and become a staple in the community. If you are looking for an incredibly fresh and appetizing restaurant look no further than Attraversiamo in Brentwood, California. Make sure to try a craft cocktail, appetizer and meal of your choice… you will not be disappointed.

Attra 2

Attra 7

Attra 8


Nicole Christiana

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